We are as much an evolution as we are a revolution.

We are a great fit for companies who wish to be more intentional about the feel that an
Employee has when they come into work, and not only that, but to be proud to be there.

We don’t use cookie-cutter solutions. Ever.

The Benefits and HR space has seen thousands of what we would categorize as “cute ideas” over the years. How do you and your organization filter these cute ideas from other Distilled Concepts?

We use our backgrounds and experience in the art of the benefits and people space to help tailor solutions to the needs of your unique workforce, and community as a whole.

Some of the projects we
have assisted on include:

  • Bolt-on solutions for your existing ecosystem
  • Self-Funded health plan evaluation, including vendor transitions
  • Transformation of an Employee benefits program’s brand
  • Full-spectrum support in an advisory capacity to Employers
  • Transition away from a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
  • The transition from Fully Insured to Self-Funded health plan
  • Deep dives into specific areas of a total compensation & rewards package
  • Recovering lost revenue from specific areas of your health plan
  • Implementation as well as ongoing management and promotion of concierge-style advocacy solutions

Given our non-traditional nature, we are not the best fit for everybody.
If you’re ready for change, contact us now to learn more.

Derek Winn


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Derek Winn

Derek Winn

Derek Winn is the Co-Founder and President of Distilled Concepts.  As a health care and benefits strategist his mission is to drive change away from the countless failed health care solutions that have been pressed upon employers and their employees, thus helping businesses build a better future by taking control of their destiny to provide more sustainable, markedly improved, and innovative benefits to their employees.

To prove this point, Derek has only one question he leads with: “Has what the industry delivered to you in the past provided lasting and positive results to you and your employees?”

The time for cute ideas has passed, and now is the time for distilled concepts.

As a former educator, his expertise goes beyond the full-stack of employer-sponsored benefits to also include how employers engage and communicate benefits to their employees to derive maximum value.

Let’s get started!

For far too long, Employers have had to make tough decisions to forego wage increases, pull back on bonuses, and make other tough decisions that have impacted the lives of their Employees, the ability to attract and retain Employees, and their personal bottom line.

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