8 fun ways to communicate benefits

Friday, December 27, 2019

There are 8,760 hours in a year, yet many Employers only tend to use just one of them to educate employees on their benefits. This of course leaves plenty of room for improvement.

Here are eight methods you could deploy to help communicate your benefits around the clock.


The pro to working through email is it generally only requires the ability to read and write at a 5th grade reading level. It also doesn’t require anyone to be a marketing genius. The downside is people get too many emails. Consequently, if your Employees turn down a benefits meeting with “can you just send me an email instead?” it is generally because they would prefer to delete it and move on. You could choose to deploy other options to keep it more fun. This could still be simple, like creating your own email template through MailChimp, Constant Contact, or another email service.


The great part about phones is that everyone has a high-quality camcorder in their pocket. Why not record some of these experiences? Are you camera shy? That’s ok too – create a five minute webinar recording, or even peruse YouTube for published videos on the desired topic. There are thousands of videos on popular topics – from an introduction to health insurance terms to how to use Health Savings Accounts. You can click this link to get help on setting up webinars or to get assistance on finding videos which align with your desired message.


Remember, we are trying to brand your benefits program. Go around your office and count how many times your company logo is on the walls or other areas of the office. Could you theoretically have a poster/flyer about a specific part of your benefits program for every time the logo is on the wall?


The origin of many of your engagement woes is likely because benefits conversations are limited to one hour per year during open enrollment. Create added time to re-communicate. This could be in a separate special mid-year meeting, or even spending 5-10 minutes discussing a topic related to your goal during other standing meetings, like company functions, outings and more. Build a benefits program that you’re proud of, and you’ll have a hard time not wanting to talk about it.


Almost everybody loves social events, and interactions, so make a big to-do about something. You likely (should) have a lactation room, but how often is it going unutilized? What if you took steps to turn it into a “Wellness Room” instead, or add more space? When you’re done, don’t just send an email, but rather showcase the room to small teams on a tour. Imagine the potential when recruiting new Employees as well. We also have a shopping list to help you get started— click here.


This is where I think the most opportunity exists for Employers who are looking for real engagement. Need further proof? Look at the explosive growth of social media users. Among some Employees, they are visiting social media sites more frequently than their inbox. Don’t take it from me, do the research.

This could be as easy as creating a channel in Slack, Yammer, or other tools you may use for internal comms outside of email. If you’re more sophisticated, set-up a closed Facebook group for Employees. This could also be an easy way to recruit Employees as well.

Do you want to get really creepy and have some fun? Skip the Facebook page, and talk with your web marketing firm to geo-target your Employees with an ad campaign within 1 mile of your office location(s). Trust me, it is 100% doable and we can even help clients with the message.


Most Employers collect cell phone numbers for not only Employees, but often family members, so why not get permission to text them? There are tons of tools to perform bulk texts to Employees. For the same reasons noted above (no attention to email, more attention to social), texting is another untapped resource for many Employers.


If the merits of your benefits align with your values as an organization, then your team should wear it like a badge of honor! Going back to having a benefits program to be proud of, Employees who are proud to be a member of your company will wear their corporate swag more often, so why not integrate with the health plan as well? Here are some examples:

  • Imagine a corporate pen with “Make sure you’re getting the lowest cost before you sign on the dotted line at the hospital” along with the phone number for your Employee advocacy solution.
  • Picture a magnetic phone mount for the car that has your Telemedicine number on it, as an Emergency Room alternative? What about car air fresheners with the same thing?
  • Imagine handing out branded company t-shirts bragging about using a specific service if Employees can document that they did? IE: “Telemedicine: It’s the [Insert Employee Nickname] thing to do.” If your Employees like these items, their family members probably will to, so don’t forget to keep them in the mix also – especially since they may compose an even larger portion of your population.

Think about it this way: what would your benefits ROI look like if you reinvested just 1% of your benefits spend in re-communicating, re-educating, and re-engaging your Employees?

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