The fear of disruption

Fear of Disruption

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Is a “fear of disruption” disrupting your business?

Many businesses struggle to achieve the results they are yearning for in nearly every area of their organization, over the fear of potential disruption. From sales to service, and brand to benefits, an unhealthy fear of disruption can be crippling.

More often, we see this as being one of the highest hurdles to leap when it comes to taking control of a benefits program. In order to regain control of an out of control expense, changes must be made to keep history from repeating itself.

  • “Our people don’t like to change.”
  • “Our business has too many other projects right now.”
  • “This sounds like a lot of work.”

In the fall of 2019, we presented to a room of over 100 CFO’s and Finance Professionals on how they can start to Turn Liabilities into Assets, with their benefits program.

Many businesses have become addicted to the comfort of a health plan that has yielded net-negative results year over year. Costs go up, while benefits go down. Many employers have played the same game for over 20 years, without winning a single turn.

Businesses that choose to continue to play this game – whether in a fully insured plan, ASO plan, level-funded plan, traditional self-funded program or any iteration thereof, should expect to see the same results that have played out time and time again as they have over the last 10-20 years that they have been trying to win.

Can you compare your 2019 health plan and costs to your 2009 health plan and costs, and honestly say that not changing isn’t disruptive?

Talking about a good idea is admirable, but taking action is a Distilled Concept.

Like overcoming addiction, overcoming disruption can follow a similar path. We produced a short guide to help you start to battle these concerns, which is available only on LinkedIn at this link.

Five Steps to Overcoming your Fear of Disruption

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