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The #1 mistake an employer can make with new benefits and perks.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Picture this…

  • You’ve poured hours of time into meetings with the c-suite to lobby for a new benefit.
  • The final terms are negotiated, and it’s time for implementation.
  • All of the build-up and excitement culminates with briefing all of your Employees, sharing how impactful this benefit will be, and how it will change their lives, and then…
  • The end.

Do you get it yet?

The biggest mistake I see Employers make following the fanfare and triumph of implementing a new benefit (especially a unique, or expensive one) is a lack of follow-up, reminders, and in-your-face marketing about how this new benefit is changing lives.

My recommendation to fix it: video testimonials, and a social experience worth sharing. Scroll to the end to see what I think is an A-grade example from our friends at Amazon.

I was recently meeting with a client of mine who implemented a really cool wellness program. This program, similar to Microsoft’s, allows for a financial benefit for Employees to use the money toward “wellness related” activities outside of work.

When I asked for examples of how Employees used it, they couldn’t stop gushing with stories.

  • New mountain and road bikes
  • Memberships to gyms, and other workout facilities like rock climbing
  • National park passes for hiking
  • Electronic fitness devices, and more.

My advice was simple:

  • Go back to the list of those who have submitted expenses, and go around asking them if they would be willing to share their story.
  • They would need to bring in whatever they bought – so if they bought a new mountain bike, they’d need to gear up and bring it to the office.
  • They would then be asked to share their story about what they do to stay active/fit, and then also how they used the money.
  • Once the video reel is complete, it could be shared at a company-wide event kickoff, but also on all social media channels. Imagine the failed recruits seeing what their would-be coworkers were able to enjoy?

This company invested over $35k in this benefit in a single year, with a cap/ceiling of nearly $100k. Even hiring a professional video crew to come film it (which I doubt this client would need) they could reinvest $2,000 (2% of total spend) back into the program to maximize their ROI.

It’s so simple it’s silly. Employers should seriously consider a small marketing budget with the addition of any new benefit of this magnitude, simply because it helps to ensure an even bigger ROI. Imagine the impact of potential recruits seeing this video of happy people, getting free money, to spend on the things that they enjoy doing to stay active and fit.

Amazon is already doing it, as are other companies.

Amazon tells their story here with a fantastic example, specifically focusing on Amazon’s parental leave policy.

Do you have a cool office space, or embrace a unique work environment? If so, you could show it off like Airbnb did here at this link.

Did you win Fortune Magazine’s list of World’s Best Workplaces like Adobe? If so, you should make a video, like they did here.

Imagine that your workplace was so rad, that you had an entire blog dedicated to it, like Motley Fool?

Want to see what others are doing?

  • Go to www.google.com
  • Type “Working at [insert company name here]”
  • Filter under videos, and enjoy.

All-in-all, it’s a small investment of time and resources to help ensure the maximum impact possible. Implementing a new benefit is great, but capturing the essence of what makes it awesome is a Distilled Concept.

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